2015 West Valley Cider

West Valley Cider, roshambo artfarmScience:
2015 West Valley Cider
Foraged fruit from the West Valley
1400 gallons
99% apples, 1% quince
No sulfur or sugar added, wild fermented

Owl & an apple branch; symbolizing the clean and crisp, yet floral and exotic, undertones

Notes: Apples and quince foraged from friends, neighbors and strangers in the countryside of Sheridan, Willamina, Amity, Rickreal and Perrydale, commonly referred to the West Valley. Wild fermented and bottle conditioned.

This cider is dry and tart, appealing to connoisseurs of cider and newbies alike. Available in 750 ml bottles and kegs.

Disclaimer: no owls were harmed in the making of this cider

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