2016 Little Apples



2016 Little Apples

Foraged from crab apples

122 cases, 6.6% Alc

Wild fermented, no sugar added

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Art: Wise Great Horned Owl on a background of colorful circles, symbolic of bright & crisp cider with variety and abundance

Notes: This cider is made from foraged crabapples from the western side of the Willamette Valley. The term ‘crabapple’ is a term that is used for several species of Malus in the family Rosaceae and often thought to be wild open pollinated apples. While we certainly did use some wild crabapples for this cider the criteria for the apples for this cider was all apples that were 1 ½ inches or smaller in diameter. The clear
majority of these apples are high in acid and loaded with bitter tannins. The fruit comes from old abandoned apple trees found along creeks, rivers and old original homestead orchards. The apples are then milled, pressed and allowed to ferment naturally with ambient yeast in used white wine French oak barrels. This cider is made with no added sulfur, no added acid, no forced carbonation and no pasteurization. The result is a high acid cider with floral notes and a bit of tannins.

Disclaimer: Mr. Owl, how many sips does it take to get to the bottom of a cider bottle?